Types of Opportunities at AHLA

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the fuel that powers AHLA!  A variety of opportunities are available for members of all specialties and tenure to get involved. With every new volunteer, AHLA grows more energized, more diverse, inclusive, and better equipped to reach our common goals.

We encourage you to deepen your engagement with AHLA and your health law colleagues. Volunteer today!
Positions include (but are not limited to):

Authors: Connections, Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law, bulletins, briefings, toolkits, 101 courses, peer reviewers, and editors

Speakers: Live webinars, podcast, and in-person or virtual program faculty

Participants: Judging panels, moderators, and focus groups

Communications Champions: Social Media, AHLA Law Network

Mentors: Available for all career levels

Throughout the year, AHLA posts current volunteer opportunities in the Volunteer Town Square in the Health Law Network.  Find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and the time you have available.

Volunteer Leadership Positions

If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity, consider volunteering for one of AHLA’s leadership groups. The leadership year runs July 1 through June 30. The election process for the Board of Directors and the Member-At-Large position for the Nominating Committee begins in September and ends in February.  The Call for Leaders appointment process for other AHLA leadership groups (Councils, Editorial/Review Boards, Practice Groups, and Program Planning Committees) begins in October and is finalized in February. A leader is eligible for reappointment, contingent on participation in the group.

Select the links below for more information about each leadership group, expectations, and qualifications for each leadership group.

If you have questions about volunteer or leadership opportunities, email AHLA at volunteer@americanhealthlaw.org or leadership@americanhealth.org.